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Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Engineering the Future is about driving diversity in STEM, so that everyone has the tools to not only understand the impact STEM has on the world but to practice STEM in everyday life.

How we help you.

In today’s engineering world less than 24% of engineers are women and less than 2% are of indigenous heritage.

“Engineering is so crucial to the world we live in that if our ideas are restricted to so few of our community, we may not find the best solutions to some of the biggest problems our society currently faces. “

Engineering the future helps people and organisations to find the right people, create the right culture and promote diversity within STEM by;

  • Helping you understand how your business culture may not be assisting you in finding and retaining the best people.
  • Providing you with ideas to get you into a highly competitive talent marketplace.
  • Ensuring you are using the best advertising to attract a wide range of diverse talent.
  • Advising you throughout your recruitment and onboarding phases.
  • Keeping you up to date with the latest in best practice.


How can we know what we don’t know if we don’t get the chance to ask?

This is a message to all the MC’s, hosts, moderators and organisers of panels, question times or interviews.  In the last few years I have been to many events where there have been opportunities for questions. They have been large events with 100’s of people and small events with 10’s. They have been events with …

Retaining your people should be your number one recruitment straegy.

This week I have attended a number of events held in honour of  international women’s day. One of those was a Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia event held at BDO Brisbane and whilst listening to the wonderful Heather Mattes speak about her career and the challenges she faced it got me thinking about the current challenges …

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